I meant to post this back in April-

It seems that more often than not, people are overestimating the power of simplicity. We get caught up in the rush of life and lose sight of whats important and whats not.
It’s so weird to think back a year ago, I was probably dealing with a time where an issue seemed like it was “the end of the world”… in the grand scheme of things we forget that we, and only we, have the power to change our own lives. ( and have the power to say no)


Texts I’d Send Boys If I Was Always An Honest Person

Thought Catalog

I consider myself an honest person. I just have this thing where I ‘m not honest with boys of interest because I’m afraid they’ll think I’m in love with them and I think it’s because on Entourage if a girl did anything at all they called her crazy. If I had never seen Entourage and was comfortable with my deepest, darkest, most honest feelings, these are some of the texts I would have and should have sent to various dick-bearing creatures.

I know you cheated because I accidentally stalked you. It was one time and it was literally an accident.

Why do you ask me questions that you could ask Google?

I wrote about you for a writing class and everyone said you were a stupid jerk and they asked me where you lived so they could come bully you even the professor.

A Gossip Girl cast member told me…

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